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September 11, 2019

We launched the “Responsible for profiles” series, together with the journalist Vlad Petreanu

We have wanted for a long time to bring to the public attention useful and educational information related to the production of PVC profiles and we thought a lot about what form would be easy to assimilate and understand. In the end, you are stronger when you own the information, and we want people to know exactly what to look for, what they need and how to find accurate information about the quality of the products they choose for their home. One of the first episodes was related to an important and sensitive topic. We spoke honestly, together with Vlad [...]Read more
September 10, 2019

We support performance

This is our motto in any project we choose to support. We strongly believe that by getting involved in the community, we can make a difference, we can change tomorrow. And the talented and visionary persons in various fields have a real chance to reach as far as possible. The first 6 months of 2019 were under the sign of performance and success. Here are some of the events, projects and people that we supported during this period and that made us very proud to be with them. Galaţi Semi Marathon 2019 This is a soul project for us and, [...]Read more