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September 10, 2019

Ramplast Today

Ramplast today According to a study carried out by Fereastra magazine, Ramplast is today the largest Romanian manufacturer of PVC profiles. Ramplast profiles are certified by the prestigious Rosenheim IFT Institute (Germany), wich explains the presence and the appreciation of our products on the western market. These are manufactured using extrusion technologies and high quality components. The Ramplast production center is equipped with a new automatic mixing equipment and a last generation extrusion line, manufactured by the world leaders in the field. Currently, our company serves over 1,500 clients and operates nationwide. We own 8 warehouses in: Constanța, Galați, Bacău, [...]Read more
September 10, 2019

Ramplast Begginings

Over 20 years of performance 1995: It is the year in which the investment that would transform Ramplast into a production center with advanced technology PVC profiles begins. Following an investment of 5 million German marks, 2 PVC extrusion lines and a mixing preparation plant are contracted. 1996 - 1997: The production of the first ecological PVC profile in South Eastern Europe begins and a series of 3-chamber EcoClassic profiles is launched, the production peak reaching a capacity of 1,000 tons of PVC profiles/year. 2003: The second stage of investments starts, through the acquisition of a new extrusion line, which [...]Read more
September 10, 2019

Quality and Certifications

Quality and Certifications All Ramplast brand products represent the quality guarantee due to the company's functioning in an Integrated Quality-Environment System. Ramplast has its own laboratory to test the physical-mechanical properties of the profiles as well as of the windows and doors, as finished products. The extrusion process of Ramplast profiles is carefully monitored by performing periodic tests within the laboratory of both raw materials and finished products to ensure a high and constant level of quality of the profiles. Ramplast profiles are extruded in accordance with the European standard EN-12608, conformity certified by the ICECON-CERT Institute. For quality control, [...]Read more