Ramplast Begginings - Ramplast

Over 20 years of performance

1995: It is the year in which the investment that would transform Ramplast into a production center with advanced technology PVC profiles begins. Following an investment of 5 million German marks, 2 PVC extrusion lines and a mixing preparation plant are contracted.

1996 – 1997: The production of the first ecological PVC profile in South Eastern Europe begins and a series of 3-chamber EcoClassic profiles is launched, the production peak reaching a capacity of 1,000 tons of PVC profiles/year.

2003: The second stage of investments starts, through the acquisition of a new extrusion line, which ensures the doubling of the production capacity and the diversification of the product range.

2004: The Dynamic Selling Group company is set up, with an entirely Romanian private capital, aiming to distribute Ramplast PVC profiles, manufactured by Oltchim SA, a factory whose traditions in the chemical and petrochemical field offered from the beginning the prospect of a long-term partnership. Together, they develop the brand and increase the sales, by expanding the sales area.

2007: Follows the third stage of investments which has led to the transformation of Ramplast into the Romanian number 1 brand in the production of PVC profiles, as it is known today.
During this period there is a continuous development of production facilities and investment programs, with new extrusion lines and molds being purchased for the 4-, 5-, 6-chamber profile systems and those for expanded PVC interior doors.

2010: The investment program started in 2007 continues to exert its positive impact, so that, following a new important investment program, the production capacity is developed by increasing the production space by 30% and by adding 2 double-stranded lines of the latest technology.

2018: The Ramplast brand is fully acquired by Dynamic Selling Group, which announces the continuation of investments in the development of the production center through the acquisition of new production facilities, integration with sales and technical support.
Today, the production capacity has reached 14,000 tonnes annually, Ramplast being, thus, the largest Romanian factory in the field.

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