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Ramplast today

According to a study carried out by Fereastra magazine, Ramplast is today the largest Romanian manufacturer of PVC profiles.
Ramplast profiles are certified by the prestigious Rosenheim IFT Institute (Germany), wich explains the presence and the appreciation of our products on the western market. These are manufactured using extrusion technologies and high quality components.

The Ramplast production center is equipped with a new automatic mixing equipment and a last generation extrusion line, manufactured by the world leaders in the field.

Currently, our company serves over 1,500 clients and operates nationwide. We own 8 warehouses in: Constanța, Galați, Bacău, Iași, Cluj, Bucharest and Timișoara and we collaborate with strategically positioned subdistributors in Sibiu, Oradea, Brașov, Râmnicu Vâlcea and Craiova. We are also active internationally in the Republic of Moldova, Serbia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Macedonia, Bosnia, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Slovenia.


When extruding Ramplast profiles there are used pure PVC and organic additives based on Ca-Zn (calcium zinc) provided by world leaders in the field.

At Ramplast it was manufactured the first 100% environmentally friendly profile in South-East Europe since the beginning of our production, in 1996. Since then until today, although the cost of production is higher, all the profiles we produce are based on a lead-free or tin-free composition, such elements being incompatible with human health and environmental protection.

All PVC profiles manufactured under the Ramplast brand are 100% recyclable.


Ramplast PVC profiles are produced in a modern production center, the largest of its kind in Romania.

The Ramplast production center is equipped with a new automatic mixing equipment and last generation extrusion lines, manufactured by the world leader in the field. An extrusion technology provided by the Austrian Greiner company is used within the factory.