Solid 500 - Ramplast

Solid 500

The Solid500 series of PVC profiles is characterized by a 5-chamber structure and a design with polygonal faces and round edges. Due to the improvement of the fixing system and the structure, the Solid500 profiles have an increased resistance.

The PVC profiles produced by Ramplast are 100% environmentally friendly and recyclable, being noted for being the first PVC profiles of this type in South-East Europe. Their composition is based on PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) and organic additives that do not contain lead or tin.

One of the main priorities of Ramplast is the safety of the beneficiaries (the profiles produced are not harmful to health) and the safety of the environment.
The class A Solid500 series profiles were launched in 2017 and are intended to replace the EcoTherm and EcoTherm Plus series. They are based on a new concept of internal structure, based on 5 chambers. The heat transfer coefficient has been improved, compared to the values specific to the profiles mentioned above.

  • Class A profile
  • 5-chamber structure of the main profiles
  • Heat transfer coefficient of 1.51 W/m2K for reinforced profiles
  • Improved mechanical strength
  • Sealing with two rows of white or black gaskets
  • Controlled water drainage system and ventilation in chambers through the frame and the sash
  • 13-mm hardware system/falz
  • Use of one type of reinforcement only for the main profiles
  • Common rods for the main profiles and quick attachment
  • Possibility of mounting simple (5 mm), double (up to 24 mm) and triple (up to 34 mm) insulating glass
Technical specifications
  • Class A pentacameral structure profiles with a construction depth of 60 mm. The exterior design stands out through polygonal surfaces and rounded edges.
  • Fixtures dimensioned to meet any demands.
  • Gray or black EPDM or heat-sealable gaskets.
  • Possibility of mounting of up to 34 mm thick insulating glass.
  • Controlled water drainage and ventilation of the chambers through the system of channels executed in the frame and sash.
  • Glass fixing rods in two variants of exterior design: round or polygonal.